What Is Noble Strength Fitness

Noble Strength Fitness is a specialized coaching service to help frustrated overwhelmed
women overcome low energy, feel strong, and gain back their confidence! We currently offer anti-diet
fat loss coaching programs to slim that belly through optimizing hormones and longevity.

Why Noble Strength?

Learn from a coach who has been there too!
I have tackled many of the common obstacles that you face on the journey to health and fitness. I‘ve been there, and I can help you achieve your goals.

Are you someone who is…


Annoyed by “cookie-cutter” and trendy diets that don’t work?


Struggling to fit in your old dresses or jeans?


Overwhelmed by the lack of time available to focus on your health?


Frustrated from failing to break your unhealthy habits?

Training coach Audrey leans up against a fence with left knee bent and wearing matching light-blue athletic wear and a black cardigan
Training coach Audrey leans up against a fence with left knee bent and wearing matching light-blue athletic wear and a black cardigan

Why Noble Strength?

Learn from a coach who has been there too!
I have tackled many of the common obstacles that you face on the journey to health and fitness. I‘ve been there, and I can help you achieve your goals.

Are you someone who is…


Annoyed by “cookie-cutter” and trendy diets that don’t work?


Struggling to fit in your old dresses or jeans?


Overwhelmed by the lack of time available to focus on your health?


Frustrated from failing to break your unhealthy habits?

Meet Audrey Mak

“I have the vision to inspire you to your potential in health and fitness while encouraging you to achieve what you envision..”

Helping people with their fitness journey is my passion. As a certified personal trainer, anti-diet wellness coach, fitness professional and athlete, I am determined to use my specialty to help and change lives. I genuinely care about people and love seeing clients reach the optimal level of their health & fitness goals.

Seeing the transformation in confidence is incredible, self-worth and self-love throughout the fitness journey are incredible. With Noble Strength, I will help you reach your health and fitness goals while standing alongside you on your fitness journey.

AUDREY means ‘Noble Strength’ in old English. ‘Noble’ is being bold, and ‘Strength’ is the power to overcome obstacles.

“Live out your design. No matter where you are in life, you have the power to BE who you are meant to be”

The meaning for ‘Noble Strength’ resonates from my personal experience of developing my mental and physical strength. As a result, I persevered through tough times in my life. I believe we all have those moments, but with noble strength, we can overcome them together!

My motivation comes from within. I have been active all my life, and I’m a well-rounded athlete who plays multiple sports. I entered the fitness industry in 2006; I worked hard to become a lifeguard and was inspired to help people through aquatics. My love for fitness began with teaching aquafit- a water aerobic exercise class that inspired me to obtain my group fitness certification. I had the opportunity to work with a diverse cross-section of people and teach various other courses such as boot camp and kickboxing. My passion for health and fitness continued to grow as I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Before starting my fitness journey, I had zero confidence in going to the gym and weight training. My fears and negative thoughts would get the best of me, and I would feel like I wasn’t good enough. Ultimately, I wanted to prove that I could do it. First, I made the decision and strengthened my mind. Then, I reached out to others for support and encouragement. When it comes to overcoming barriers, the mind goes first, and the body will follow. With my encouragement, you will believe in yourself and see your consistent hard work pay off!

In 2014, I competed in my first bikini fitness competition and placed second. That journey challenged me beyond what I could have imagined. It pushed me to greater levels of fitness and discipline in my eating habits. I learned to drive my body physically, mentally and spiritually. I achieved goals that I never thought I could. I learned to face and conquer my fears head-on. 

These days, I no longer compete and enjoy the balance of exercise, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It’s essential to be happy, confident and love yourself. Moreover, you should appreciate where your body is. Learn to be grateful for your body’s accomplishments and the amazing things it has done and can do. 

I am very grateful to wake up and do what I genuinely love every day. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing my clients grow and break their physical and mental barriers. One of the best parts of my job is seeing how confident and robust my clients become in their skin.

Audrey’s Professional Certifications

UBC Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics
BCRPA Registered Weight Training Instructor
TRX Suspension Trainer Certified
Sports Nutrition Certified
BCRPA Registered Personal Training
Indoor Cycling Certified
CPR-C/AED/Standard First Aid Certified
Specialized in Athletic training
BCRPA Registered Aquatic fitness Instructor
BCRPA Registered Group Fitness Instructor
Specialized in Kickboxing training

But why the heck should you listen to me?

Over the past ten years, I’ve been able to transform my health with flexible eating and without the use of extremes or fad diets. I found a way that’s sustainable for the long term. I’ve been there. I was:


A “skinny-fat” girl who ate whatever and did lots of cardio


A NATURAL bikini fitness competitor who ate a restricted “clean diet”


NOW, an energized fit individual who values flexible and intuitive eating without any restrictions

Bottom line, I’m on a mission to help ambitious women like yourself to overcome lack of energy and optimize longevity to feel bold & confident in your skin. I have experienced every spectrum of physical transformation and it’s with that experience, education and knowledge that I’ve created the


The 90-Day Tummy Slimming Solution

The M.A.K METHOD uses Macros, accountability and kinematic-based training to beat fatigue, boost energy and gain confidence without the use of extremes or sacrificing your favourite foods.
Component #1
3 Phase Slim Fit Nutrition Plan
Component #2
3 Phase kinematic Training Matrix
Component #3
3 way Success Accountability System
Component #4
Protocols for a Healthy Mindset, Habits and Overall Wellbeing
Audrey female coaching virtual training session online with an Apple laptop

Coaching Program

Our Tummy slimming solution is a sustainable method to your fat loss goals, all while enjoying your favourite dishes without restrictions and endless cardio.

Obviously, you’re interested in getting healthier, leaner and feeling stronger while on a flexible diet. So this is your first step!

Noble Strength fitness aims to equip you with the tools and insights needed to strive for a healthy, holistic, and balanced lifestyle. Noble Strength’s programs are custom-tailored to your unique case and help you overcome the barriers that stop you from revealing your best self!

Now I LOVE online health & fitness coaching – aside from my faith, husband and family, it’s my #1 passion in life! I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 13 years; I’ve taught and coached hundreds of clients in-person, virtually and in groups.

With a Bachelors in Kinesiology, sports nutrition and fitness certifications in aquatic fitness, group training & personal training, this program is structured using a holistic approach backed by years of training, education and research through the M.A.K METHOD.


Here are some of the Noble members who are already seeing results


“Audrey’s program is truly like no other! I love that it is anti-diet and more about building habits to use for the rest of your life. I have been on multiple diets only to yoyo back, gaining more weight than I had before the diet. The program is predominantly about education and (un)learning habits. I have learned how to meal prep even when I didn’t want to because it sets me up for success during the week; how to work out even when I’m feeling unmotivated because I like feeling stronger and hate feeling sluggish; how to self-talk my way out of binge eating; the importance of a regular sleep schedule; how to enjoy my favourite meals at restaurants and not compromise my progress and much more.
The best thing about the program is that you get to eat delicious meals while losing weight – yes you can eat pasta and still lose weight and yes you can eat more than 1200 calories a day and lose weight! You don’t have to starve yourself.
I have been recommending this program to everyone I know! Try it out!”

– Katriana B

“Audrey Mak is one of the best fitness instructors I have ever met (and I have been through a few!). She always brings great energy to bootcamp classes. Each class is unique and she is always so creative to ensure that you get a total body workout. She pushes me to achieve the unachievable at times and the classes fly by. She never fails to give to you an amazing workout. No other class will compete.”

– Stephanie James (bootcamp participant)

“Thank you so much for sharing expert knowledge on fitness & health. I appreciate your coaching and teaching me a workout I can do and sustain for many years to come. I love your positive & encouraging approach. May you continue to make an impact to bring people to better health & wellness. You leading by example is great. May God use you might fully to bring health”.

– Angela Lee (Personal Training Client)

Audrey is just great. There is no question if you are attending one of her sessions you will achieve your best since she is so encouraging and motivating. My hope is she will launch a fitness program that we can continue with. Her guidance in virtual camps post COVID were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

-Deborah (bootcamp participant)

“Audrey’s boot camp classes are a great work out! Each class is different and each time is a complete body workout. You leave the class feeling energized and motivated!”

-Kirsten (bootcamp participant)

“I have attended Audrey’s bootcamps sessions (at Hillcrest and online) for many years, and I have always appreciated her blend of infectious energy, friendly encouragement, and ability to make every class different from the one before. I look forward to her class every week, and walk out of the class feeling like I’ve already accomplished something, even though the day has just begun.”

– Brian (Bootcamp Participant)

“I have taken boot camp from Audrey for over three years and enjoy her classes immensely. Audrey is enthusiastic, energetic and positive. She motivates and encourages me to do the exercises correctly and within my physical abilities, injuries considered. I always work up a sweat as the sessions vary in physical difficulty, intensity and area of focus (plyometric, core, strength). Boot camp is integral to my week and missing a class is similar to not flossing.”

– Dorothy Cameron (bootcamp participant)

“I’ve been taking Audrey’s classes for over a year and a half now and she is such a great trainer. She is personable, upbeat and very motivational. She really takes the time to show everyone in her classes the correct techniques and gives just enough encouragement to push through each workout. Also, all her classes are always different so you never get bored. I know that I have become stronger because of her training. I would highly recommend training with her.”

– Gina Tam (Le femme kickboxing participant)

“Audrey Mak puts the *boot* in fitness bootcamp: in person or in screen (online), her well-planned, relentlessly upbeat classes will coax you off the sofa, exercise every muscle and leave you gasping and grateful”

– James Boothroyd (bootcamp participant)

“I have been attending Audrey’s 6am bootcamp class at Hillcrest for several years. She is an amazing fitness professional! Audrey is always enthusiastic and leads you through a very challenging workout. All fitness levels are welcome and she will provide modifications if you need or ways to increase the intensity. Audrey puts a lot of time and effort into making each class different so you never get bored. I have recently tried Audrey’s virtual online classes and they are fantastic too. She will definitely get you sweating and you will feel the burn. Audrey’s classes promise a total body workout and I guarantee you will love it (and hate it)!!”

– Jennifer Kim (bootcamp participant)

“Audrey is an amazing coach. When I first joined her boot camp, I was overweight, sluggish and generally unhealthy. After one year of consistent workout, I feel amazing, energized and above all else, healthy. It has given me more energy at home with my kids and I am more productive at work with laser focus. Since the social distancing started, I managed to keep up with the workout routine and continue to feel the energy each week. Although I have not personally done the digital workout sessions yet, I have heard amazing things. If you’re like me and you cannot find the motivation to work out on your own or have a hard time knowing where to start, then you need to join Audrey’s class! She’s helped me start and now keep my amazing routines!”

– Jacky CK Ip (bootcamp participant)

“I reached out to Audrey looking for nutritional guidance to improve my eating habits. Audrey offered me a meal plan I can commit to. The program she designed includes smart alternatives and choices to replace all those items I needed to reduce from my diet.

Her program also offered portions and food combinations appropriate to my age, weight and fitness level. She has extensive knowledge in nutrition and fitness, therefore her advice was very important and valuable to reach my goals. Her professional and friendly style made it easy for me to trust her assessment and follow her recommendations.

I reached my primarily goal and now this meal plan is part of my life style. I can say that it improved my diet and overall health. I am grateful to her for her assistance and support throughout the process.

The knowledge I have gained will help me in the future. Thank you Audrey!”

– Claudia Arrelo (Personal Training Client)

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Audrey strong woman flexing arms showing bicep and back muscles while facing glass windows in background


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