Inspire. Envision. Achieve.

Frustrated from failing to break your unhealthy habits?

Overwhelmed by the lack of time available to focus on your health?

Struggling to fit in your old dresses or jeans?

Annoyed by “cookie-cutter” and trendy diets that don’t work?

Learn from a coach who has been there too! I have tackled many of the common obstacles that you face on the journey to health and fitness. I‘ve been there, and I can help you achieve your goals. Are you someone who is...

Why Noble Strength?

A specialized coaching service to help frustrated overwhelmed women overcome

  • low energy
  • feel strong
  • and gain back their confidence!

We currently offer anti-diet fat loss coaching programs to slim that belly through optimizing hormones and longevity.

Noble Strength Fitness Is:

What is Noble Strength Fitness?

Tina: Over 20 lbs down building lean muscle

20 lbs

Dee: 25 lbs down and focused on body recomposition

25 lbs

Ashely: 12 weeks - 12 lbs down and built lean muscle

12 lbs

Angela: 12 Weeks in and 10 lbs down!

10 lbs

Real people with real results

certified personal trainer, anti-diet wellness coach, fitness professional and athlete

“I have the vision to inspire you to your potential in health and fitness while encouraging you to achieve what you envision..”

- Audrey

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words from clients

"It’s amazing to see the two photos together with only a month’s difference. Very encouraging! I feel proud of myself! And a huge thank you to you for keeping me on track. I wouldn’t have made such progress without you. “I learned so much from the program and the process and I hope to be able to implement these new skills in the future. Thank you for your coaching and patience with me!"

- Adele

"I feel proud of myself!"

“Prior to working with Audrey, I was working out 4 or 6 times a week without seeing any result. Within the span of just 3 months I lost 15 LBS! I was able to fit into my old jeans and other old clothes! It felt so amazing and encouraging to see the transformation within such a short time span.”

- Angela

"Within the span of just 3 months I lost 15 LBS!"

"Through Audrey’s program, with regular consistent exercises and a well rounded nutrition program that I’ve had some really lovely success! Her program has changed my energy level. I’ve gone from being tired, full time working mom to having lots of energy! I’m most proud to say that I have gained huge mental strength to continue this program and it’s become my new norm!”

- Tina

"I have gained huge mental strength"

"Thanks for all your encouragement! ❤ Even on your videos when I’m exhausted- pushing through- your ‘Come on!’ ‘You’ve got this! Don’t give up!!’ is the best boost to keep me moving". "I have to say- I feel like the best version of myself! Thank you"!!!!❤

- Dana

"I have to say- I feel like the best version of myself!"

”I feel so much better and more confident in my own skin- so energized for the day and I
am so so thankful for you!" 

- Suki

"I am so so thankful for you!"

“I’ve actually felt really great about the program so far and I’m glad I committed to doing it. You know when you work at a crappy job and everyday you wake up feeling like ugh, why am I still here? I don’t feel that with this program, like I’m actually looking forward to doing my workouts and eating my meals. I feel good and positive about it."

- Katie

"I’m actually looking forward to doing my

“Biggest win was dropping 12lbs while increasing lean muscle. I just felt more energized, clear, lean and strong. The meals were easy and quick to make with the help of the best coach. The program was amazing!”

- Ashley

“Biggest win was dropping 12lbs"

"I love the accountability in the program and working with Audrey. The accountability in this program is the biggest factor (and difference) from other programs. The Tummy Slimming Solution program allows you to stay on track with your nutrition, fitness, and habits"

- Steph G.

"I love the accountability in the program"

“Biggest wins? I’m starting to get abs for the first time in a long time!!! If you’re looking to tone up, have a healthier lifestyle or change your mindset towards fitness and nutrition, I suggest you sign up! The exercises are on demand so it’s easy to fit it into your day. I highly recommend it! I don’t regret for a second that I started it”

- Shanah

"I’m starting to get abs for the first time in a long time!!!"

"I feel good! i've already noticed i don't feel as lethargic in the afternoon like i usually do. i'm happy with myself that ive been getting my workouts in and fitting them into my schedule has been easier than i thought it would be."

- Jenn

"i don't feel as lethargic in the afternoon"

"OUT OF WORDS!!!" WINS? Yes! A lot. I do feel stronger. 100%! even my core is stronger. Gained 2lbs of lean muscle!! Dropped 2% body fat!!! HOW? I stayed disciplined through the process while trusting the coach! Also, hard work and the pump gets so addictive. I didn't want to do it but body and mind says yes!!"

- Janette

"Gained 2lbs of lean muscle!! Dropped 2% body fat!!!"

"Breaking the 160lb mark, in the 5 months timeline that we did it in. Feeling stronger, keeping ACCOUNTABLE and motivated.  I feel it's sustainable, in a healthy and fun way where I can still have a beer and cookie, it's manageable! The best part is that it's all laid out and the exercises are in front of me and having the accountability piece. I think its a great program! Biggest win would be weight loss of 25lbs and this program has helped me kept on track. It's shocking to see the graph trend."

- Dee

"the best part is that it's all laid out"

"7 inches down on the waist and 6 inches down from the hips!" a non scale victory I had is feeling more confident with wearing fitted clothes and when I look at my thighs for the first time, I feel they are toned"

- Cam

"7 inches down on the waist and 6 inches down from the hips!"

Audrey's pre/post natal journey

To be able to work with clients for years on their nutrition, health and fitness goals, it has been so rewarding! Going through my own prenatal and postpartum journey gave me a better understanding of the everyday struggles and wins we face in motherhood. With a specialization in pre/postnatal fitness, I wanted to enhance strength, energy and joy during pregnancy and BEYOND while providing my clients with resources throughout their maternal wellness journey

I wanted to enhance strength, energy and joy during pregnancy and BEYOND 

AFPA Pre/post natal specialist

Specialized in Kickboxing training

BCRPA Registered Group Fitness Instructor

BCRPA Registered Aquatic fitness Instructor

Specialized in Athletic training

CPR-C/AED/Standard First Aid Certified

Indoor Cycling Certified

BCRPA Registered Personal Training

Sports Nutrition Certified

TRX Suspension Trainer Certified

BCRPA Registered Weight Training Instructor

UBC Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics

Audrey’s Background

As a certified personal trainer, anti-diet wellness coach, fitness professional and athlete, I am determined to use my specialty to help and change lives.

I genuinely care about people and love seeing clients reach the optimal level of their health & fitness goals. Seeing the transformation in confidence is incredible, self-worth and self-love throughout the fitness journey are incredible.

With Noble Strength, I will help you reach your health and fitness goals while standing alongside you on your fitness journey.

Helping people with their fitness journey is my passion. 

Audrey's Journey

Bottom line, I’m on a mission to help ambitious women like yourself to overcome lack of energy and optimize longevity to feel bold & confident in your skin. I have experienced every spectrum of physical transformation and it’s with that experience, education and knowledge that I’ve created
A NATURAL bikini fitness competitor who ate a restricted “clean diet”

NOW, an energized fit individual who values flexible and intuitive eating without any restrictions.
Over the past ten years, I’ve been able to transform my health with flexible eating and without the use of extremes or fad diets. I found a way that’s sustainable for the long term. I’ve been there. I was:

But why the heck should you listen to me?